The “Yoltan Charcoal” has twice burning time, much higher energy emitted of its best kind. Yoltan is a new barbecue charcoal, improving the traits of “white charcoal” and minimising its short falls. It has got rid of the sparks and odour, reduced smokes and gases and prolonged the burning time. Yoltan Charcoal has the following properties:-

1kg of Yoltan Charcoal can burn up 5 hours and emits about 8100 Kcal in Seoul and K.L. (A test in Katmandu, Nepal showed a prolonged burning time up to 7 hours due to the thinner air environment).

Solid fuels comparison

Sawdust Briquettes Before Corbonization

Yoltan Briquette Charcoal is a carbonized compressed sawdust briquette. This product is 100% natural sawmill waste and no chemicals are added in the process of production. It is pollutant free, smokeless natural charcoal. Compared with coke and other coal products, Yoltan charcoal is safe to use in direct cooking e.g. barbecure. In most advanced countries coke is not used in BBQ or direct cooking as it emits poisonous gas.

Burning Briquette Charcoals

Yoltan charcoal is a hexagonal bar of about 45mm diameter range from 40mm to 400mm in length with a central hole. The word “Yoltan” is derived from the Korea word “:Hot Charcoal “ which means burning hot charcoal with low or invisible flame. The burning charcoal has mostly the blue section of the flame or the hottest section of the flame.

Finished Products of Sawdust Briquette Charcoals

The product is packed in carbon boxes of about 8kg to 10kg each depending on the purchaser’s request. Each box measured 240mm x 240mm x 10kg and 240mm x 190mm x 400mm for the 8kg box. Each 40 feet container will contain 2400 – 2500 boxes. Its regularity and the consistency in density (relatively) makes packing, handling and storing much more convenient.

Packed & Palletized Charcoals

Packed & Palletized Briquettes